Xi Zhi "RC" Lim ( 林熙之 )




    Microeconomic Theory ( ) Behavioral Economics

  • Research

    I specialize in decision theory!

    Working Papers

    Ordered-Reference Dependent Choice Paper, Slides, arXiv (to cite)

        studies structural violations (e.g. non-EU, present bias) as related to WARP violations through reference dependence; agent is more risk averse (resp. impatient, altruistic) when safer (resp. sooner, fairer) options are available but not necessarily chosen.

    Work in Progress

    Avoidable Risk: An Experiment on Context-Dependent Risk Aversion (with Silvio Ravaioli) Draft

        studies changes in risk attitude when the amount of risk a subject can take / avoid is increased; avoidable risk increases risk aversion.

    Attention Across Time: Rationality in Sequence of Choices Draft

        characterizes how past choices influence future choices through attention; agent is aware of chosen alternatives and always considers them; WARP violation self-resolves over time; "long-run rationality".

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    Vitae: CV



    Assistant Professor of Economics

    Antai, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

     (上海交通大学 安泰经管学院)




    2020, PhD in Economics, Columbia University

    Advisors: Pietro Ortoleva, Mark Dean

    2014, BA in Business Economics, UCLA

    Advisor: Jernej Copic



    Email: rc (at) xzlim.com

    Office Hours (By Appointment Only, Antai B706):

    Wed 12pm-9pm

    2nd & 4th Sat 9am-11am



    approximates "Ah Xi". It is like "Bill" to a William. It brings me joy when everyone calls me by my childhood nickname, not least when the alternative is the uncertainty of how one might pronounce "Xi Zhi".

  • Teaching

    Game Theory

    Graduate | Shanghai Jiao Tong University


    Spring 2021, https://oc.sjtu.edu.cn/courses/32376

    Microeconomics I (TA)

    Graduate | Columbia University

    (Decision Theory, General Equilibrium)


    Fall 2016, P. Ortoleva, B. Salanie

    Fall 2018, B. Salanie

    Microeconomics II (TA)

    Graduate | Columbia University

    (Game Theory, Contract Theory, Mechanism Design)


    Spring 2017, M. Dean

    Spring 2018, Q. Liu, N. Kartik

    Spring 2019, G. Noldeke, N. Kartik

    Intermediate Micro (TA)

    Undergrad | Columbia University


    Spring 2016, Q. Liu

    Fall 2017, Q. Liu


    Intermediate Macro (TA)

    Undergrad | Columbia University


    Spring 2015, J. Arifovic

  • Kuala Lumpur

    1992 - 2010

    San Francisco

    2010 - 2012

    Los Angeles

    2012 - 2014

    New York

    2014 - 2020

    2020 - present