• "RC" Xi Zhi Lim 林熙之


    Decision Theory ( ) Microeconomic Theory ( ) Behavioral Economics


    PhD Candidate in Economics

    Columbia University

  • About

    [12/31/2019] I am joining Antai SJTU in Fall 2020. All the best with your search!


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    Assistant Professor

    Antai College of Economics and Management

    Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU)


    (Starting Fall 2020)



    2020, PhD in Economics, Columbia University

    Advisors: Pietro Ortoleva, Mark Dean

    2014, BA in Economics, UCLA

    Advisor: Jernej Copic



    Born: 1992, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Nationality: Malaysian

    Languages: Mandarin, English, Malay



    Email: rc (at) xzlim.com

    Office Hours: By Appointment Only

  • Research

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    I am a microeconomic theorist who studies how people make decisions. I explore the equivalence between (theoretical) models and (empirical) behaviors to further our understanding of both.



    Working Paper

    Ordered-Reference Dependent Choice

    studies structural violations as related to WARP violations through reference dependence. Download

  • Work in Progress

    Avoidable Risk: An Experiment on Context-Dependent Risk Aversion

    (with Silvio Ravaioli)

    studies changes in risk attitude when the amount of risk a subject can take/avoid is increased.

    Consideration Set and WARP Violations in Sequence of Choices

    characterizes how past choices can influence future choices through attention.

  • Teaching


    Teaching Assistant for:

    Microeconomic Analysis I

    Graduate | Columbia University

    (Decision Theory, General Equilibrium)


    Fall 2016, P. Ortoleva, B. Salanie

    Fall 2018, B. Salanie

    Microeconomic Analysis II

    Graduate | Columbia University

    (Game Theory, Contract Theory, Mech. Design)


    Spring 2017, M. Dean (link)

    Spring 2018, Q. Liu, N. Kartik

    Spring 2019, G. Noldeke, N. Kartik

    Intermediate Microeconomics

    Undergrad | Columbia University


    Spring 2016, Q. Liu

    Fall 2017, Q. Liu


    Intermediate Macroeconomics

    Undergrad | Columbia University


    Spring 2015, J. Arifovic


    Kuala Lumpur

    Kuala Lumpur 1992-2010

    San Francisco

    San Francisco 2010-2012

    Los Angeles

    Los Angeles 2012-2014

    New York

    New York City 2014-2020